Sunday, October 25, 2009


Tonight was the Church Halloween Carnival.

Eli, after going through several options, decided to be a robot again. Emily decided to be a butterfly. Alicia and I spent a couple hours on Friday cutting out and painting the butterfly wings. Emily, Eli, and Alicia spent several (2-3) hours gluing sequins onto the front side of the wings. Then last night Alicia and I spent another 2 gluing sequins on the other side once we decided it was necessary. Then we glued it together, turned the coffee tabled upside down on it overnight, and went to bed.

Here's pictures of the finished product.

1 comment:

Happy Fun Pants said...

What cuties!

Although, I'll always picture her with her head in a pumpkin if it's all the same to you. :)

Seriously - cute kids. :)