Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well, the title is a bit misleading. We start off with a picture from last Sunday. We decided if Emily was going to be wearing Alicia's Easter dress we needed to get it on her soon. She loved it, and got lots of complements on it. We even talked her into wearing purple and white bows.

If you are ever feeding Emily corn on the cob, mind your fingers. As you can see from the cob she attacks with a vengeance.

OK, now onto Riverfest. We took the kids to Riverfest yesterday (but forgot the camera). We went back today and remembered the camera. They were much more photogenic yesterday, oh well.

We started off in the giant sand box that had dinosaur bones (ala wooden puzzle pieces). We tried it yesterday but they forgot a vital step (burying the pieces).

After playing in the giant sand box and then rising off in the splash pool we headed over to the kids craft tent. Both kids made masks this time.

Afterwards we were all hot and hungry. So, seeing that it was dinner time Alicia and I headed off to get kettle corn and frosted lemonade. Emily prefered the lemonade once it had melted a bit so she could drink it.

Eli enjoyed it as you can see.

Emily wore her self out. She played hard. Good thing Oma has a perfect lap for sitting on while eating an apple.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wow, she's two

Well, Emily turned two today. She seems to have enjoyed her birthday. She woke up this morning singing "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday".

Alicia made her a cake in the form of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". It turned out pretty good if she does say so herself.

We started opening presents before dinner so we'd have time for them all. She started off with one from Grandma Nickum. Imagine that, it's purple :).

Then she dug into one from Oma and Opa. She's got the unwrapping thing down.

Notice the smile, it was accompanied by the statement "yellow!"

She immediately went for putting the hat on, we got the rest of it on her later.

Then the tore into one of our gifts.

Next up was one from Eli.

When Paw-paw arrived he came bearing Emily's great-great-grandmother's deviled egg plate (for those that don't know Emily is somewhat of a deviled egg fan). He also brought eggs to go on the plate.

With the dinner of spaghetti, green beans, and the fruits that the very hungry caterpillar ate completed it was time for cake. She was thrilled.

She had no problem blowing out the candles.

Then she tore into our big gift, a trike. Eli took care of creating the wrapping paper for us.

She was a little bit excited about it. After we got rid of the other one she's been asking about a trike for the last couple of weeks.

Next up was more from Nana and Paw-Paw. A little purse, some books, more swimsuits, a dress with a matching doll dress.

Erin and Rachel got her a basket and streamers for her trike. She decided to give her baby a ride.

Nana bought a sweater to match Emily's dress for herself.

And of course every two year old little girl needs an "itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini"

Eli decided to take the trike for a spin.

Whew, busy day.