Saturday, April 21, 2007


Well, apparently blogger doesn't auto rotate pictures anymore, it was a nice feature while it lasted.

Anyway, today was the annual trek to the strawberry patch in Cabot. Alicia and Eli went while Sam and Emily stayed home. They came home with lots of yummy strawberries. Of course we had to let Emily try them. Let's just say, she loves them.

After dinner Emily gave Eli a ride.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter 2007

Here's the Easter pics (plus a few bonus pictures). For some reason blogger didn't auto-rotate the pictures for me this time. I'll have to go back and fix them later.

It starts with the egg hunt at church on Saturday. Then we dyed eggs. Easter morning Eli and Emily explored their easter baskets. Eli found the hard boiled eggs. We took the family picture, then they hunted the plastic eggs. The easter bunny was nice enough to leave pink eggs for Emily, the rest were for Emily.

Eli hunted eggs at church.

Emily enjoyed helping dye eggs.

Shortly after the above picture Emily spilled about 1/2 of the orange dye so Eli had to work on the orange egg a-bit.

Eli knew what to do with his basket.

Emily wasn't sure what to do with her basket.

Eli found the hard-boiled eggs that the bunny left.

The Easter bunny left pink eggs for Emily.

The Easter bunny left some eggs on her drum.

Emily's favorite way to play with Legos is to toss them out of the holder and have mom and dad put them back in so she can toss them again.

Emily had a blast with this egg.

Eli found an egg behind the picture.

The annual family picture.

And a couple of bonus pics of the kids.
Why lean over to get the Legos when you can just sit in the box. It's much easier that way.

Emily's definitly a girl. She loves credit cards and phones!