Sunday, March 23, 2008


We had an enjoyable Easter.

First we had to dye the eggs. Eli is old enough to be able to dye them himself.

Emily still requires a little assistance. She was quite happy with the yellow egg she dyed.

The Easter Bunny delivered the baskets overnight to the windowseat outside the rooms.

After church we hunted eggs. Eli showed Emily how it was done and was quite helpful in pointing eggs out to her.

She quickly got the hang of it and held her own in the hunt.

They were both trying to find an egg hidden under the plant.

Then she discovered that one had opened in her basket. She quickly put it back together.

Emily renewed her friendship with uncle Ben.

Monday, March 17, 2008


OK, so I guess all the pictures aren't of daffodils but the majority have daffodils in them. Tis that time of year when the daffodils are a bloom so what do central Arkansas parents do? Dress up the kids, load them in the car and head to Wye Mountain UMC Church, site of the Wye Mountain Daffodil Festival.

First the kids got palm branches at church on Sunday. Nana made Emily's dress (she received many complements at church).

And now onto the daffodils, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


The race is on. Can I create this blog faster or can Alicia make chocolate chip cookies faster. Last time I made chocolate chip cookies (3 weeks or so ago) it took me an hour to get the batter mixed up, she just put the first batch in the oven in 13 minutes, and that was with a new recipe, I think she's gonna win. Yup, she won.

Well, we had a productive weekend. Alicia noticed that Home Depot received their annual shipment of azaleas. We like picking up a few 1 gallon plants when they're cheap. We snagged 12 for $2.48 each. All we had to do was plant them.

Three hot-pink ones went over with the hydrangias to try and fill in over there a bit. Three pink ones (a new color for us) went in the bed with the sandbox. We'll probably add another 1 or 2 in there. And then six purple ones went in the so-called "way back" flower bed. Two by the apple tree, two near the pear tree, and two truly in the way back where we'd tried some elephant ears last year.

Here's some pictures from snow storm number 2.

Eli's friend Rachel came up to play, they had fun.

The next day Eli tried to figure out how he could put the snowballs in his car. He never figured this one out.

Emily discovered pig-tails.

Story time with dad. I had confined myself to the couch during my recovery. Emily brought me a book to read and Eli decided to join her.

Emily had fun with a pair of Alicia's shorts.

This evening Eli appeared decked out "as a spaceman". He created this creation all him self, absolutely no input from us. Emily may have provided some input but we didn't. I've attached a video of him describing his outfit.

Sorry that it's sideways

Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow Pics

So we finally got some snow. Hard to believe that just last weekend we spent the weekend outside (including eating lunch and dinner on Saturday outside). It took until March but we've gotten snow two days in one week. It first snowed on Tuesday and again on Friday. It should be back in the 60s by early next week. What can I say, that's the weather in Arkansas for ya.

Emily's decked out in her $8 coat from The Children's Place. It was a super deal. She apparently had some trouble walking and such but she was warm.

There was enough snow to build a small snowman.

Here she is trying on Alicia's boots.

By the afternoon the snow was gone.

Then on Friday we got more. We didn't get the 7 inches we were supposed to but we got enough to build a snowman bigger than the kids.

I say we, Alicia and the kids did the building. I'm recuperating inside from a minor outpatient procedure that should keep us from generating any more little munchkins.

Anyway, I still need to review the rest of February's pictures and see if there are any worth posting. Until next time, later.