Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow Pics

So we finally got some snow. Hard to believe that just last weekend we spent the weekend outside (including eating lunch and dinner on Saturday outside). It took until March but we've gotten snow two days in one week. It first snowed on Tuesday and again on Friday. It should be back in the 60s by early next week. What can I say, that's the weather in Arkansas for ya.

Emily's decked out in her $8 coat from The Children's Place. It was a super deal. She apparently had some trouble walking and such but she was warm.

There was enough snow to build a small snowman.

Here she is trying on Alicia's boots.

By the afternoon the snow was gone.

Then on Friday we got more. We didn't get the 7 inches we were supposed to but we got enough to build a snowman bigger than the kids.

I say we, Alicia and the kids did the building. I'm recuperating inside from a minor outpatient procedure that should keep us from generating any more little munchkins.

Anyway, I still need to review the rest of February's pictures and see if there are any worth posting. Until next time, later.

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