Saturday, June 17, 2006

2 Birthday parties, 1 day, 0 casulties

Well, we survived. Eli was invited to two birthday parties today. The first was before lunch at Gator Golf (Emily screamed the entire way there), so we enjoyed a round of miniture golf in the rain. Then went inside and had cake (why is our child the only one that sat there and ate his entire piece of cake?).

Then it was off to home (Emily screamed most of the way home). On a side note, pretty sure we're not taking any long road trips until she gets over her screaming in the car habit.

Anyway, after a quick nap it's nap time for the kids. He napped, she didn't.

Then it was time for party number two. We had to wake him up which is always an iffy poposition. Turned out not too bad.

All went well at the party, added a 2nd piece of cake to his sugar consumption for the day. He was wired.

Now they are both sound asleep in bed. All is peaceful again.

Below are some photos of the kids being cute:

Pretty sure mom has a shot of Erin and me at Gaggy and Papa's house

Scrapbooker in training

Now how does this work?

Talk about your water hazards

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Emily Pics

Due to popular (or harassing) demand, here are more pictures of dear Emily.

So, Alicia and I decided we were heading out to a wedding. We convinced a very reluctant Nana (ha, she made it here in record time) to baby sit. As preperation to make sure it would work Eli (with assistance from mom) fed Emily a bottle. Hummmm, tastes like mom but it sure doesn't feel like her.

Eli turned Oma and Opa into a bridge while they were here.