Monday, November 16, 2009

I know, I know

Yea, I know, I've been a bit lackadasical about posting lately. We've been busy. Between running wiring to the fountain and onto the pergola. Building a massive swingset for the kids. And just generally staying busy well, I've been busy.

So what have we done this past month. Well, there's the items above. We've loaded up the entire family worth of bikes and gone to two-rivers park. The kids peddle like mad while Alicia and I just kind of coast doing our best to not fall over. The optimum speed for coasting w/out falling over is 3.1 mph by the way. We take turns peddling up ahead and coming back. So the kids get in a nice 2 mile ride while we get in about 4. They are exhausted by the time we get back to car, all is well.

We've begun getting power out to the pergola. Alicia has requested rope lights out there so in the interest of not running an extension cord across the path 365 I burying power, etc. I figured I'd put an outlet next to the fountain while I was going by it. That project got put on hold to construct the "Stanley Backyard Fitness Center" circa 1976.

Let's just say, this sucker is sturdy and stout. Yes folks, each of the A-frames is made out of 3, count them 3, 10.5 foot 4x4s, cross pieces, etc. Connecting the 2 A-frames are 2 2x8x14' with a 2x4 on top for good measure. I bet the whole contraption exceeds 500 pounds. It took 3 neighbors plus me to stand it up. Alicia helped get things lined up right (I must give her credit for helping get the A-frames assembled and she would have helped with the barn raising but there's wasn't room for her to grab on.

Still to add is the 8' long movement explorer unit, at least it gets built in place.

And now we're in the market for new windows for our house. We had 2 salesmen come by today. The first took about an hour and gave a nice pricey quote. Nice windows though. Second guy came and spent 3, yes you read that correctly 3 hours selling his windows. Nice glass, not so much on the frames since they were vinyl. A little ess pricey though, not as much as you'd expect.

I'll try to extract some pictures from the camera in the next few days. Until then....