Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So long old friend

Well, we're retiring the VCR I got when I went to college. I got 15 years out of that good ol' Emerson, but it's gotten cranky in it's old age. Won't record when told, won't rewind, etc.

So, we were economically stimulated and purchased a VCR/DVD Recorder. It's got a digital tuner in it so it will still work post Feb. 19. It will record to VHS as well as write once and rewriteable DVDs. We'll try it out in the next couple of days and make sure it doesn't need to go back to WalMart.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I herby promise.....

I hereby promise to never spend this much on my child's birthday party. Here's the full story on cnn.com. My poor kids are just gonna have to suffer through "cheap" parties that are probably just as much if not more fun.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Toy Store

Sorry Nana, no pics this time, maybe tomorrow.

Oh my! That's the best way to describe the piles we have around out house right now. We're gearing up for a garage sale in a couple of weeks. We could run a small toy store out of our garage. We have 3 piles in our bedroom and another pile downstairs. The kids are loving it because they are getting to play with a bunch of stuff they haven't seen in a while. Eli remembers a bunch of things we've put away recently but everything Emily hasn't seen in the last week is a new toy for her.

Erin's going to "go shopping" when she passes through town later this week. Oh me oh my.

Oh, and if you know of anyone looking for a breast pump we've got two of them up on e-bay.
The Medela
The Avent

We can arrange for a deal (ie I can stop the auction) if they want to save on shipping by using the family express.

We spent the weekend outside. Well, Alicia and I did anyway, the kids only spent yesterday outside. We've been trying to finish up weeding and mulching the flower beds. They look much better now. I've almost got the last pesky leak out of the sprinkler system. I've got it down to 0.04 cubic feet per 18 hours. Not insignificant but better than the 0.02 cubic feet per 15 minutes it was before my last fix. I found a possible culprit that I haven't had a chance to check out. I may have a valve that's not closing all the way, gotta depressurize the system before I can find out for sure. I'll probably just clean all 11 valves while I'm at it.

It's fun to watch the kids play. Yesterday Eli made a line striping machine (he got the idea from one of his Bob books). It involved a little wagon that came with Duplos in it and a bucket full of water. Since the bucket wouldn't find under the spigot he used a hanging plant water catcher (it's about 4 inches tall and designed to attach to a hanging plant so it doesn't drip all over your house). Works like a charm for filling a bucket full with water.

A couple of days ago he was lowering water off of the deck so Emily could "paint" with it. This contraption involved a small bucket (full of water) plus the bungee cord that goes with his ball on a stake thing (it's intended for practicing soccer).

Oh well, enough of me yakking for the evening. Hopefully I'll get the pictures off of the camera and posted tomorrow.