Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Trip

Well, don't think we've taken any pictures worth posting since the last blog and I'm too lazy right now to get off the couch to see. But I can give you some dialog. dore

We loaded up the family and headed north Saturday morning to the Byrd reunion in Mountain Home. OK, technically in Midway but Mt. Home's easier for non-locals to find on a map. For non-locals it's about a 3 hour trip from Little Rock. But I digress.

Our first stop of the day was in Greenbriar. That's right, Emily made it a whole 45 minutes before we stopped. Eli and I explored the city park (couldn't play on anything because the sprinklers were on and everything was therefore drenched). We also toured the local mini-storage business. Counting the doors and locks twice. After a 30 minute stop we loaded back up and headed on. Emily soon fell asleep and slept until we stopped in Marshal about 45 minutes later for Eli to potty. After a brief stop we headed into the hills. Emily made it another 15 minutes or so to the Buffalo River.

While she ate Eli and I visited the river. I tried teaching him to skip rocks but it's a somewhat difficult technique to teach. Together we did manage to skip a rock without me throwing him in the river with the rock. We went to check on the girls and after a bit more playing and another brief trip to the potty we got back on the road. Next stop, Midway. That's right, Emily made it the rest of the way. Well, perhaps saying that we made it is more appropriate. She was fine until we got to Yellville. She displayed her displeasure until the Hwy 126 Hwy 5 intersection. At that point she was close enough to asleep that we passed right on by the church to get her good and asleep.

We returned to the church and all would have been well if Eli hadn't spotted Nana and yelled at the top of his lungs "NANA!!!!!".

Total trip time, 4 hours. Not bad.

After 3 hours of visiting it was time to decide to stay the night or hit the road. We decided if she fell asleep while eating we were loading up and heading south, otherwise we'd spend the night. She fell asleep, woke up on the way to the car, was asleep by the time we got to Hwy 126 (150 yards from the church).

She peacefully slept for a good bit. She woke up 10 minutes or so north of Harriot (fork in the road with a gas station). While Eli and I explored the store, went potty, etc. Emily ate herself to sleep again. We loaded up and didn't stop again until Conway!!! Both kids napped for part of that stretch. The both take decent afternoon naps so that's what we were hopping would happen (well, not Eli but that's another story). We treated Eli to Sonic. Imagine 4 people in the front seat eating dinner. It was too hot to sit outside and eat. Eli had, what else, grilled cheese and tots.

Then it was on to the house. Emily, and the rest of us, were tired of being in the car when we got about 5 miles outside of Conway. 25 minutes to go, we can make it. We made it, we survived. All slept well last night.

If anything the trip confirmed that taking the family to the beach would have been a BAD idea. Hopefully we'll travel better by our Christmas trip to KC.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Cute Kids

OK, 3rd time's a charm. If this thing looses the pictures again I'm quitting!

Hey look at me, I can hold my head up

Brotherly love, aint' it cute

It's good to be queen, at least for a day, it is my 2-month birthday after all

I'm a happy girl

Dad took me fishing at the "Young Adult Summer Potluck" at Ferncliff. I didn't catch anything this year but sure fed them lots of corn trying.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

She's 2 months old!!! (tomorrow)

Hard to believe that it's been 2 months since we've welcomed Emily into our lives. OK, tomorrow's technically the day but I have time to write right now.

Anyway, Eli's spending the weekend with Nana and PawPaw. It was just going to be Friday night but he was having such a good time he asked to spend another night.

Nana had been taking him to the pool to swim. And they have now filled their pool. It seems he's inherited Alicia and my love for water.

Eli's been busy helping cook. I forget what he was making but it's not what it looks like.

Why clean up the legos. It's more fun to put myself in the box

Emily's working on picking her head up. She gets rather frustrated that it won't do what she wants it to.

Eli still loves holding his sister.