Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Camera

They always say 3rd time's a charm, hopefully we've found the camera we'll keep for a while.

If you'll recall back before Eli was born we purchased a Sony camera. Loved it, still love it, other than the fact that it seems to have gotten zapped by a power surge 4 days before Emily was due to arrive.

So, we went into panic mode and found what we thought was going to be a great camera from Canon. As the blog at that time mentioned, we weren't so sure. Now that the lens cap requires tapping when you fire it up to open, we're convinced we don't like it (took us upwards of 3000 pictures to determine that for sure :) ).

Anyway, we're now the proud owners of a Sony DSC-H7. From what we can tell it's a pretty nice camera. To paraphrase Steve from Steve's Digicams "The features of a dSLR w/out the cost".

We'll have some new pictures to show off in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kids and Birthday

Alicia's birthday was today. Eli and I baked a chocolate cake from a library book yesterday. Man, is it chocolaty. (8 oz of semi-sweet baker's chocolate + 3/4 cup of cocoa). I did leave out the buttermilk powder that I searched high and low in Kroger to get but it was pretty yummy. Emily loved it.

The kids and I went shopping while Alicia was off tutoring. We got her a hand mixer (she requested it) and a pair of slippers.

Here's some random pics from the last couple of weeks.

Emily loves hairbows

Mail-lady Emily

Eli, that's not how you get in and out of the house

Here's the door, use this

Ring around a rosie....

Painting is fun

Let's build a windmill. You do the low part, I'll do the high part

Easiest way to get the new scarecrow to the porch? On my shoulder of course.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A good excuse

Well, it's been a while but I've got a pretty good excuse. The sprinkler system is in, it appears to work, the dirt has been spread and the sod is on top. The bank account is a bit lighter (as are we after sweating through August) but the end result is definitely worth it.

It was hot and dry all of August (not a drop of rain fell). Then once we got the dirt delivered rain showed up in the forecast. Must have been God's way of saying hurry up and finish will ya, I can't hold back this water forever. So after a minor setback in early September (though the rain did a good job of packing the dirt into the trenches) I took a Thursday and Friday off of work and we worked our tails off for 4 days to get it done.

And here's a few other miscellaneous pictures from the month

This banana is as big as I am, but that's ok, it's yummy

"King of the dirt pile". That would be 15-18 yards of "sandy-loam" waiting to be spread throughout the yard.

Sometimes it's just easier to drink it

When taking pictures of her walking, you've gotta be quick on the trigger

Take 2