Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Camera

They always say 3rd time's a charm, hopefully we've found the camera we'll keep for a while.

If you'll recall back before Eli was born we purchased a Sony camera. Loved it, still love it, other than the fact that it seems to have gotten zapped by a power surge 4 days before Emily was due to arrive.

So, we went into panic mode and found what we thought was going to be a great camera from Canon. As the blog at that time mentioned, we weren't so sure. Now that the lens cap requires tapping when you fire it up to open, we're convinced we don't like it (took us upwards of 3000 pictures to determine that for sure :) ).

Anyway, we're now the proud owners of a Sony DSC-H7. From what we can tell it's a pretty nice camera. To paraphrase Steve from Steve's Digicams "The features of a dSLR w/out the cost".

We'll have some new pictures to show off in the next couple of days.

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