Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kids and Birthday

Alicia's birthday was today. Eli and I baked a chocolate cake from a library book yesterday. Man, is it chocolaty. (8 oz of semi-sweet baker's chocolate + 3/4 cup of cocoa). I did leave out the buttermilk powder that I searched high and low in Kroger to get but it was pretty yummy. Emily loved it.

The kids and I went shopping while Alicia was off tutoring. We got her a hand mixer (she requested it) and a pair of slippers.

Here's some random pics from the last couple of weeks.

Emily loves hairbows

Mail-lady Emily

Eli, that's not how you get in and out of the house

Here's the door, use this

Ring around a rosie....

Painting is fun

Let's build a windmill. You do the low part, I'll do the high part

Easiest way to get the new scarecrow to the porch? On my shoulder of course.

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