Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh me oh my

Yikes, realized I haven't posted anything in almost a month. Sorry, busy times. No pics tonight, I'll try to put some up soon.

So what all has happened since I last posted. We had Thanksgiving, we cut and decorated a Christmas tree, decorated the house, etc. We had Eli's birthday parties (yes that is a plural). First with his friends Rachel and Alex, then with Nana and PawPaw. We've had cake for an army. We helped decorate the church for Christmas.

So Emily has decided that she's not a big fan of baby food, she wants to jump straight to the good stuff. Couple of days ago, OK, more like a week and a half she was eying the Cheerios box while Eli was eating breakfast. Reaching for it reportedly (sorry, I was at work). Anyway, Alicia decided what the heck. She gave her a Cheerio. Emily gummed the heck out of it and yelled for more. So, who needs a spoon, we feed her via Cheerios.

She has also gnawed on a hunk of banana, a chunk of a sweet potato (cooked of course), and today a rice cake.

Speaking of rice cakes. It's funny how much is implied by the title. Eli was elated to be able to eat some rice cake during his snack. He thinks its really cake.

Anyway, that somewhat catches everyone up on our busy life. Pictures to follow soon I hope.

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