Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finally, some pictures

Finally, I got around to putting pictures up. I love Google's new blogger picture upload thing. It handles rotating them for me. Anyway, here's the pics I promised.

First we have the preschool Christmas program. We'll play a little "where's waldo". Can you find Eli? Once you think you have look at the 2nd picture, he's circled.

She's a gift!

With Santa

Yum bananna

And now some rice cake.

Kids in front of the fire

Took 2 days of trying but we finally got the result we were looking for

Emily playing with a lamb. Eli took it from her shortly thereafter, she wasn't so pleased.

Hey, I'm 7 months old!!!

Eli helped me with the leaves (no he didn't get to use the leaf blower).

She enjoys the green fish too

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