Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas

Man, you wouldn't know that this season isn't all about getting gifts. We're just about gifted out. The gift exchanges started last Thursday when we exchanged gifts with Nana and PawPaw. Then on Saturday we packed up and headed north (the kids traveled very well). We stopped about half-way to exchange gifts with family in Springdale. We then loaded back up and finally made it to KC. Then today we determined that we were apparently on Santa's VERY good list as the living room filled up with gifts.

We all received everything we needed and more. Eli now has 3 sets of binoculars. PawPaw put a set in his stocking. A set came with the magazine subscription mom and dad got him. And the third came from Uncle Ben in his explorer kit.

It's hard to tell what Eli's favorite gift is. Oma and Opa got him a bouncy ball with a handle on it that he can hop around the basement on. Grandma Nickum got him a bicycle. Santa brought him a remote control car......

Emily's somewhat overwhelmed. Uncle Ben may win the prize with a musical octopus. Emily likes it and so do mom and dad (it's quiet). Aunt Erin gave her a bathtub zylaphone and drum set. She LOVES the drum stick, it's perfect to chew on.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the holidays. Opa and I were quite click happy with the cameras. Between the two of us we took about 160 pictures over the course of the day.

Grandma delivered the rest of Eli's birthday present when we arrived

Uncle Ben tried to tune Emily's bathtub zylaphone. It's missing a B bar and its WAY out of tune. Oh well it'll work

Eli and Oma made a gingerbread house

Emily loves chewing on the drumstick

Oma and Opa acquired an exersaucer in the form of a car. Emily enjoyed it. Notice we've started her early on the phone.

First we opened stockings, Eli found that Santa brought him blueberries again

And brought Emily a sweet-potato

Santa brought Eli a radio controlled car

And he brought Emily a pair of Mary Janes

Eli taking his new bike for a spin

Emily enjoyed the decorations as much as the gifts

Eli playing on his hop ball

A very happy Emily

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