Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Week in Review

Well, I started off the year well, then I got busy. So, here's a review of the week.

So on Tuesday Eli started at his new school. In short, he loves it. Everyone in his class wanted to sit next to him on the 1st day. Our former neighbor is in the class next to his and they occasionally play on the playground. Emily was excited to get back to school as well (especially since she got to take her pillow pet with her).

Eli's rock polishing project that he started right after his birthday finally finished up. It worked pretty well.

We wrapped up the week with Alicia going to dad's doctor's appointment to talk with Dr. Baltz about histone deacetlylase inhibitors (see the other blog for an explanation). Seems he hadn't heard about them but he took one of her journal articles. We'll see where it goes.

Today we celebrated paw-paw's 60th birthday. My sisters, spouses, and kids came into town. Friends from high school and college, neighbors, church friends. Rachel's friend Jessica coordinated it for us. A good time was had by all. The kids got to stay up WAY past their bedtime so tomorrow could be interesting.

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