Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Halloween is almost upon us. And that means it's time to carve pumpkins. Emily decided her's needed to do a headstand, but she put the eyes, nose, and mouth in the right spots (assuming it is indeed doing a headstand).

I'm gonna have to slow down. You guys are going to start getting used to daily updates :).

Pumpkins make a pretty decent seat

For those that don't know, Emily is a tomato connoisseur. At least as long as they are grape tomatoes and in the box.

Putting the silver stripes on his costume.

Ewwww, slimy pumpkin.

Lid off...

Cleaning them out

Looking inside

Drawing on the face.

Punching a starting hole for the saw.

Pooh needed somewhere to sit while Eli played in the swing.

Guess that's enough for the evening, look for more tomorrow.

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