Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catchup continuted

OK, this should get me caught up on pictures.

Emily is a big fan of the giant Pooh that Rachel gave Eli a few years ago. The thing is as big (or bigger) than she is.

If she can't talk someone into reading her a story (usually not a problem) she'll thumb through a book on her own.

Alicia and the kids hit the pumpkin patch. As usual they had a good time.

"I want that one"

Emily hauling her gourds around.

Alicia had gone inside to make dinner, Emily stood at the window saying "Mom, mom, mom".

Tinkertoys, the universal toy.

Ring around the rosie...

Emily was waving at a monkey

And here she's waving at some fish

Alicia made Eli some new dinosaur overalls.

Emily talked Paw-paw into reading her a book. Took lots of persuasion.

Eli talked Paw-paw's brother and his wife into helping him build a fort.

Sam modeling the top to Eli's Halloween costume. More pictures of that to come later.

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