Monday, May 29, 2006

A Fun Week

Well, it's been a fun an interesting couple of weeks. Emily's growing like a weed (and eating like a horse). At her 1 week checkup she had already grown an inch.

Eli's taking well to his roll as big brother. He likes to "pet" her. We're still working on the fact that it's patting not petting. He likes to hold her and has started showing an interest in helping change her clothes, etc.

He helped Alicia give her a bath earlier in the week, but prefered to continue playing out in the rain today. Go figure :).

When Ethan brought his parent's by to visit *ha* Eli agreed to hold him and Emily for a cousin's photo. All was well until Ethan stole Emily's sock and tried to eat it. It went downhill from there.

He and Paw-Paw went to see Union Pacific's 844 (Big Train) on Thursday. I'm not sure who had more fun, him or Paw-Paw.

I unfortunately must return to work tomorrow :(. I'm sure they will survive without me but I'll miss them.


carole said...

Hey Sam--
What a pretty little girl. Can't wait to see her. Hope you all come for the byrd reunion in july. Keep the pictures coming..


erin oliver said...

Um HELLLLOOOOOOWWWWW. Bi-monthly postings are not acceptable. Come on. I know you have more pictures.... or is it true what they say about the second born?! There is an approximate 100:1 ratio of Sam to Erin photos... they say that Dad was in his "photography phase." I know the truth. Cough em up bubba... I want pictures pictures pictures!!!

erin oliver said...

Oh and.... I think Princess Emily deserves her own link on the family website. COME ON! She's either going to be the baby of the family or the middle... and if she's the middle, she will be grossly offended at this blatent showing of inequality. I kid. I kid.... but really, get to posting.

Sam said...

I'm working on it, I'm working on it. If Princess Emily would start sleeping and generally being a happier baby then more pictures will be posted. That and if her brother would start behaving himself.

And she will eventually get her own link, just haven't had time yet.