Saturday, May 20, 2006

The First Day

Whew, what a day. We came home from the hospital yesterday morning. Eli met us at home where we all ate lunch and then the kids took naps. Alicia's parents came into town for the weekend so Eli is enjoying that.

The kids slept well last night. We had to wake Emily up for her middle of the night feeding and then worked for the next 3 hours to get her back to sleep. Eli slept until 6:45 and we woke Emily up again at 8:15. The pain medicine Alicia is on may be contributing to her sleep though.

Eli has taken a liking to his sister. He's been "helping" us by checking on her while she's sleeping and holding her hand or patting "petting he calls it" her head while we change a diaper or Alicia feeds her. He's even held her a couple of times and given her some hugs. We're thrilled.

It is a very peaceful time when both kids are in bed. Either for their naps or for the night. We both sit down on the couch and go "whew".

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