Monday, September 07, 2015

Another Weekend, more caches

What do you do on Labor Day?  You head out to find more caches.  In-laws in town?  Bring them along.  250 miles and 10 hours later we have another 3 Park Caches in our collection (had to skip the 4th one on the list due to time).

First we headed west on Highway 10 to Peron and headed up the mountain to Petit Jean State Park.  We've already been there several times so it was a quick stop to grab the cache.

We headed out the other side of the park on our way to Havana (Arkansas, not Cuba) to head north (and up, you gain almost 2000 vertical feet) to Mount Magazine State Park.  We've been here before but the cache was a bit down one of the trails.  After tracking it down (which required a smidge of bushwhacking) we went ahead and completed the loop.  Once we returned to the cars we had a nice picnic lunch before heading out for our next destination.

Next up was Mount Nebo State Park.  After a brief stop at the visitor center to refill water, use the restrooms, and pickup an ice cream treat (thanks Opa) we headed to the trailhead for the Bench Trail.  We quickly picked up the cache and headed on 'round the mountain.  We had hopes of scenic views as we traversed the 4 mile trail but opportunities were far and few between.  They became more numerous once we got back on the North side of the mountain.

We had to cut our trip short, not making it back to our cars to make it to Lake Dardanelle State Park before the visitor center closed.  Since we want to do more than just "grab the cache" we'll stop back by next time we're passing by (probably Thanksgiving).

So that gets us to 8 of 52.

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