Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer part 2

As promised here's some additional pictures.

Like I referred to in my earlier post, it's a lot like herding cats, but they have fun.

Taking a shot on goal. Unfortunately it didn't go in.

More gang dribbing.

It's a breakaway!

His team wound up winning 6-2, granted the other team scored their 1st goal for them but.... They all had fun.

Then we headed off to a Cub Scout fun day at Resevoire Park. Eli tried out the sling shots and BB guns. Emily was a good sport even though she didn't get to do anything.

Wow, 3 posts in 24 hours, may possibly be a record for me.

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erin oliver said...

Um... please note on picture three, when you click on it, and it gets big... THAT KID IS PULLING ON ELI'S SHIRT?! I'da red carded him.