Saturday, July 04, 2009

"The" News

For those who follow my blog that aren't plugged into other family news channels you may want to sit down.

So mid last week phone rings and it's dad. They've found a mass on his kidney, don't know exactly what it means yet, we'll know more in a day or so once the MRI and CT scan are done. Thursday's the big day, we're on the way to KC to pick up the kids when the text message arrives "Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma with mets to inferior vena cava and lungs". Do what? OK, Renal = kidney, good, they can just take that out simple enough, God planned ahead and gave us 2. Inferior vena cava, what the heck is that. Hang on there a sec, did that say lungs? Not good. OK, back to vena cava, what's that (Alicia made use of the iPhone's data connection as we're bebopping down I-40 at 75 mph to ask the knower of everything, Google). Vein from lower body to the heart. OK, that apparently explains other symptoms that started the whole diagnostic process a couple of months ago.

Siblings gather over dinner and do what siblings do when a parent is ill, they talk. Wow, what do we do now? What do we tell out kids? The consensous? Keep on like life is normal, that's the best option for everyone, we've gotta keep our optimism up. We've never been a family to shy away from living life. We have a hugh network of friends coming out of the woodwork offering support and prayers. We're taking this one step at a time. It's going to be a long couple of months as things play out but I think we're ready for whatever God has planned for us.

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