Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm a bad blogger

Wow, been 6 weeks since I've posted, guess we've been busy.

We went swimming yesterday, and have rediscovered Emily's lack of fear of water.

Eli has 2 more t-ball games, the season is winding down.


erin oliver said...

LAME POST! LAME POST! Put a picture on there.

Debbie said...

Since Sam has informed you, Eli, Emily, Ethan, and Elliot all spent the night with Nana and Pawpaw (along with their parents). Someone had the bright idea that Eli, Emily, and Ethan would sleep in Sam's room. Nana volunteered to read; no one closed an eye until the last book was finished. Nana gave up at that point and handed them back over to their parents.

Since then, we've cheered Eli on in his t-ball debut. When helicopters don't fly over, most of the kids do run toward the ball. A lot of playing in the dirt fills up the pauses. Ethan got to go watch Eli play. He was confused by all the purple shirts and hats. "Where's Eli?"
When he finally got a fix on his cousin, he cheered. Ethan ran the bases after the game.

Emily and Eli drew birthday pictures for Nana and called her on her birthday. Candy appeared in her refrigerator when she came home from California. Who put it there?

Swimming lessons a la Nana are upcoming. Will Emily go for the diving rods this year? I predict that she will.

Sam, THIS is a blog. Your loving Mama.