Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm sore

I'm frequently reminded that I'm not as resliant as I used to be.  Today we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather to take the kids out to Two-Rivers park.

It has nice flat, paved trails for Emily to work on steering.  She peddled her bike for 30 minutes straight.

Those same flat trails are a good place for Eli to learn to ride without training wheels.  So, we raised up the wheels and he took off with me helping provide stabalization.  Things were going well, he decided to stop.  He fell off, I took a training wheel to the upper thigh, flew through the air and ate grass.

I now have a sore upper thigh, a sore wrist, but he's made great progress.  Perhaps we'll work on it more next weekend.  For now, ibuprofen is my friend. 

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