Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Stove

As most of you know we've replaced our stove. Here's the in progress pics with commentary.

First where we started.  A 27" dropin range.  3 small burners, 1 big burner.

So, to install a 30" wide freestanding stove you've gotta make some changes.

Step 1: Unload the righthand cabinet.  Kids are great for this.  What kid doesn't enjoy unloading the kitchen cabinets.

Step 2: Help dad take the cabinet face apart.  OK, they weren't doing much helping but they sure were present.

Step 3: Continue deconstruction.

Step 4: Emily and I took a trip to Home Depot for supplies.  Eli was still groggie from his nap (he was just going to have quiet time but he fell asleep) so he stayed home.  While we were out we swung by Sonic for some Strawberry Limeaids.  Eli's turned out to be cherry, oh well.

Anyway, back on task.  Eli supervised while I continued deconstruction.

Jump forward a couple of days.  Cabinets smaller.  Stove in place.  Only way I could get the power cord arranged correctly was to crawl in.  Alicia couldn't resist a picture.

And the finished product.  We added some aluminum trim on the sides to make it blend in better with the rest of the cabinets.  We also painted the vent hood.  Looks like it was always black.

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