Friday, November 23, 2007

Wooo, Pig, Soooie

Whew, what a game. I think it was the only one I actually watched this year as opposed to listening to. What a game. Everyone needs to call Shaun's cell phone and listen to his new message. Make sure you leave him a message of condolence.

LSU 48, Arkansas 50

Here's a recap for those who missed it.

In other news, all is well. Well, mostly, Eli's sick and the rest of us will probably have it within the week. Last Sunday the nursery workers at church painted Emily's nails. They apparently had to all but force feed her cheerios to keep her thumb out of her mouth while it dried.

Also on Sunday we went and checked out the Two Rivers Park. It was pretty nice. We took Eli's bike and Emily's trike. Both enjoyed riding on the relatively flat terrain. While there they got to see a herd of deer. They were unafraid enough that 4 kids running and yelling and such didn't spook them. We also got to see an ultralight plane. It was rather loud. I went out on Monday and rode a fair amount of the trails. Looks to be a good place to ride.

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