Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wow, she's one!

It's amazing how fast a year can slip by. One year ago today we went from a 3 person family to a 4 person family.

We had a birthday party this evening. Emily's cake was in the form of bubbles. Some background is probably in order. Emily has taken a liking to bubbles being blown. Any time we get close to the garage she starts pointing that way and saying "bubbles". It's actually a pretty decent rendition of bubbles. So, we took all her loves in life and put them together. Alicia made a strawberry cake in the form of a bottle of bubble stuff with some bubbles around it.

She tried to buy a strawberry cake mix but they all used artificial flavors and such. So, she being the creative cook she is, just purchased a plain white cake mix. How do you make it strawberry? 1st you make a trip to Cabot (about 45 minutes) to pick strawberries. Next you manage to keep Emily from eating them all. Then you freeze a batch of them, upon thawing they are rather juicy. So you drain the juice and use it for the water the cake wants. Then you stir in the remaining strawberries. Voila, strawberry cake.

Below are a month's worth of pictures, enjoy and be patient as they load.

Here's a picture of the final result.

Emily wasn't so sure about her cake, but she warmed up to it.

Then she decided that she'd try her bib

And finally moved to strawberries

Emily enjoying one of her favorite passtimes. Circling the loop with her walker. She also like pushing Eli's scooter, even if he's on it.

The best way to eat strawberries. Straight out of the trunk from the field

We took the kids to the zoo. Emily rode an elephant and Eli rode a lion. Alicia got a good picture of one of the two eagles they have.

Eli helped me unload a trailer full of wood (not a great activity for a 90+ degree and humid day). OK, perhaps help is overdoing it a bit. He supervised a bunch and played with the wood in the trailer.

He also helped haul some wood from a limb I cut off.

Playing with bubbles. If you look close you can tell she's blowing

Playing patty-cake

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