Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm Back

Despite American Airlines best efforts I'm back from the much colder climate of Rochester, MN (it snowed every day I was there). For some reason mom thought I was going to Rochester, NY, perhaps I forgot to mention which state I was going to, oh well.

Alicia and the kids survived. I even managed to talk Alicia through lighting the pilot light for the heater remotely. Fortunately she's good at reading directions and is pretty smart to boot.

We decided to try solid foods with Emily today. She wasn't a big fan of it, somewhat reminiscent of her brother. Below are some pics.

Go Hogs, sounds like the 2nd team's going to play a good bit of the 2nd half (especially since they finished off the 1st half). Kind of feel sorry for SEMS, they did beat Rolla though.

And now the pics.

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