Monday, April 24, 2006

The First Emergency Doctor Visit

** Disclaimer -- everyone's fine, no stiches, just a little glue, everyone's sleeping at home tonight ***

Well, we made our first emergency trip to the doctor this evening. Eli was playing with his beach ball while I was spraying for bugs. He's gotten to the point where he can walk up and down stairs without holding onto anything, when he pays attention.

Well, since he was holding his beach ball stair climbing wasn't formost on his mind. Seems he missed the edge of the bottom step, fell forward, bounced off of the ball, and landed on the back of his head on the oh so comefortable gravel covered walkway.

** Since it wasn't directly witnessed the events were determined through piecing together what he told us, what he showed us, and good ol' parental thinking **

Well, I was heading out of the garage right as he was landing (heard the lid on the bench close hard so figured I should check into things). Ran to him (mind you he's screaming bloody murder at this point) scoop him up, notice his head's bleading, and while trying to calm him down head for the front door.

It's locked, ring the doorbell a couple of times. Then think, Eli does that sometimes, Alicia's gonna think he's playing. Beat on the door with my free hand. Alicia makes it to the door (she can hear him screaming now). She gasps as she opens the door. I ask for a paper towel. Then we strategize. Emergency room, yup.

Stove off, grab a cloth towel. Lish runs to get my wallet and keys. Off we go.

On the way out the door debating which hospital to goto. Decide perhaps we should call his doctor's office first. They say they can see him (humm, $20 copay vs $100, we'll go there, plus they are closer). By this point the bleeding's stopped. He's yelling "no go doctor". For some reason he hates doctors.

Alicia tells him she'll ride in the back seat with him. Off we go. As we arrive he's still telling us to go back home. We go in, they are waiting for us (imagine that).

Nurse asks us what happened. Give them our best guess at the time. "He either fell off of a 1 foot step or a 2.5 foot wall on to concrete." Then she says she needs to wash his head so Dr. Hurbert can check it out. She wants to lay him down on the table but quickly realizes that he's having nothing of that. So Alicia and I hold him in a pseudo headlock with him mumbling about going home the whole time. She gets him cleaned up and Dr. Hurbert comes in, checks him out and decides that a little glue will patch him up.

So, they glued him up. Let's just say it took 5 people to glue him up. Ok, it took 1 to glue and 4 to hold him still. Then their little fan wouldn't work so they improvised with a magazine.

Then we paid and headed home. Gave him a Tylenol and ate dinner (an hour late). Between his short nap today (possibly contributed to his clumbsiness that caused his fall). Then we went outside and he showed us what he was doing and how he fell. Then it was bed time.

What an evening, hopefully tomorrow is less eventfull.


erin oliver said...

AHHHHHHHHH! Isn't blogging FUN?! How much did the superglue cost?? Keep it up. You'll begin to think like a blogger. :) sister

Sam said...

Oh it only cost us $20. Not sure what it cost insurance. Since it was all in one visit it's all hopefully covered by that one copay. Guess we'll see.